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Divine Kuizine Interview

Divine Kuizine Interview

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Divine Kuizine Commercial

Divine Kuizine Commercial

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5 DK Facts

5 DK Facts

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Remoulade-6 (2) 1
Mango Sauce-6-- 1
Jerk Sauce-6 (1)
Light _ Fluffy-6- copy (1)
Gluten Free-6 (1) (1)_edited
Jerk Rub-6 (1)
Sugar Spice-6-
Remoulade-7- 1 (1)
Mango Sauce-7-- 1
Jerk Sauce-7 (1)
Light _ Fluffy-7 (1)
Gluten Free-7 (1)
Jerk Rub-7
Sugar Spice-7-

What is Divine Kuizine...?

In today’s world, it seems as though everyone wants instant gratification. But at what cost? Convenience often trumps health. DivineKuizine’s products are created with the modern person in mind, making cooking more convenient, without forfeiting quality. All of our products are easy to prepare in two to three steps. They are perfect for people of all kinds. This includes the foodies who know about specialty foods and sauces and want to put a spin on their dishes; for the health nut who is conscious of what they put in their bodies, to  those who prefer to prepare their food at home, and the thrill seekers who like to put an exciting twist on their meals.


DivineKuizine brings the flavor, the sweetness and the spice to any dish. DivineKuizine products are crafted to complement every cuisine and meet your culinary needs.


DK products are known for their varied exotic and cultural flavors. These flavors ensure that you never get bored. Inspired by the Caribbean culture, our Jerk Sauce, is the perfect combination between sweet and tart, containing tamarind, which is a bean-like pod grown in Africa and tropical regions. We use fresh, local mangos in our Mango BBQ Sauce, to give it it’s sweetness, then add just a hint of spice to give you that perfect sweet and savory combination your palette craves. The spice is attributed to the scotch bonnet peppers from Jamaica. Derived from French and Cajun cuisines, our Remoulade can be used as a dressing or a dip; it’s perfect for salads, sandwiches, fries, veggies, meat and more. You rarely hear of a remoulade’s range of use being compared to Ranch, but here we are, and we don’t mean to brag. It’s just the truth, even though our Remoulade is by far the better option. All three products are all-natural, non-GMO, and contain no artificial preservatives, ingredients, or sweeteners. We also produce a traditional and gluten-free pancake/waffle mix that is so good, syrup is optional. Have you explored our SugarSpice or Jerk Rub? Our gift boxes are a great gift for a loved one who’s looking to get in the kitchen, or for yourself! DivineKuizine products benefit the whole family! We get rave reviews of that down home cook feeling our customers get from using our products. We hope that you get on board soon. Enjoy!




Chef Shay

Owner/CEO of DivineKuizine

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