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What is Divine Kuizine...?

Divine Kuizine is a manufacturer of sauces, marinades and a line of all natural frozen foods. We only use fresh, natural and organic ingredients in our products. Our flavors come from all herbs and spices from around the world, allowing us to create these delicious sauces, marinades, and flavors. Divine Kuizine was founded by Chef Shay. Shay has a deep appreciation for cooking. Her style is a mixture of the international soul; taking spices from all around the world and touching the person's soul through food. She has been cooking since she was two years of age. Shay started her own catering business in 2000 and has catered for several businesses; Delta Airlines, Charles Schwab,
and Coca Cola to name a few. Food has always been her passion. She eventually opened Atlanta Fish Cafe in 2007. The experience of being a restaurant owner helped her to discover her product line Divine Kuizine. 

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