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Who Is Chef Shay?

I’m a food blogger, lifestyle foodie, Chef, entrepreneur and owner of DivineKuizine Spices and Sauce line.


I have a deep appreciation for cooking. My style is a mixture of soul worldwide; taking spices from across the globe, striving to touch the soul through food.  I’ve been cooking since I was two years of age. I started my own catering business in 2000 and I’ve catered for several major corporations including Delta Airlines, Charles Schwab and Coca Cola to name a few. Food has always been my passion. I eventually opened Atlanta Fish Cafe in 2007. The experience of being a restaurant owner helped me to discover my inspiration to create my product line, Divine Kuizine.


My art /craft set me apart by bringing a little of the worlds goodness and flavors from around the world in each one of my products. I am most proud of what I have created and continue to create and watch it evolve. I (DivineKuizine) offer our customers a progressive palette that is both enjoyable and meets our high quality standards. All of our products are without any synthetic colors or artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. I embrace the beauty of real, natural foods. I provide a rich diversity of foods and ingredients to enhance our customer’s experience. I am proud when a customer purchases one of my products, as I know they are getting the best flavor and quality the market has to offer.

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