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Best Pancakes Ever - DivineKuizine

Updated: Jan 10

Perfect pancakes are easier to make than you think. DivineKuizine pancake and waffle mix. recipe produces thick, fluffy, and all-around delicious pancakes in few minutes. Fluffy, buttery pancakes piled high on a Saturday morning is the best feeling ever. Theses pancakes are sweet with just a hint of maple, and simple to whip up.

Stack of pancakes
DivineKuizine pancake and waffle mix

How to Make Pancakes

Step-by-step instructions in the recipe below:

Pancake Ingredients: Makes 5-6 Pancakes
1 tsp oil Egg

Whisk all ingredients together. Start making pancakes.

When to Flip Pancakes

Your pancake will tell you when it's ready to flip. Wait until bubbles start to form on the top and the edges look dry and set. This will usually take about two to three minutes on each side.

Nice, crispy, edges, sweet fluffy pancakes no need for syrup. Enjoy!


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