• Shay

Jerk Roasted Turkey

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Just in time for the holidays, something a little different Jerk Roasted Turkey. This Caribbean version Jerk Turkey is spicy, sweet and flavorful all in one bite. Over the years Jerk Roasted Turkey has become popular. This Jerk Roasted Turkey using DivineKuizine sugar spice as a brine , and DivineKuizine Jerk Sauce as a basing sauce . Your turkey will be flavorful , Sweet , spicy and juicy.

· 1 whole turkey

· 3 red onions

· 8 stalks fresh thyme

· 6 cloves of garlic

· 1 cup DivineKuizine sugar spice

· 2 whole Scotch Bonnet peppers /substitute with habaneros (with seeds)