• Shay

Hennessy Sweet Potato Pie

Updated: May 22

Sweet potato pie is one of my family favorite desserts around the holiday. This year I made my sweet potato pie with my Divine Kuizine sugar spice. Perfection all you need is our sugar spice to sweeten all your pies.

Nothing screams comfort food quite like Hennessy Sweet potato Pie. Take your taste buds to the next level. After a bite of this liquor-infused sweet potato pie, I promise you won’t look at dessert the same. .The texture is so fluffy and creamy! It just kinda melts right there on your tongue. And that flavor!!

Thanksgiving dessert with something that goes beyond pumpkin pie with our Perfect Sweet Potato Pie sweetened with DivineKuizine sugar spice. This sweet potato pie recipe is a wonderful addition or alternative to pumpkin pie and is one of our favorites fall and