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Korean Barbecue Sloppy Joe

Korean Ground Turkey Barbecue Sloppy Joes have a sweet and spicy taste. Made with DivineKuizine sugar spice. Once you have these babies you will change from the classic sloppy joes for good. They are the sloppy answer to the kid friendly food. The pickle veggies give these sloppy joes the right balance of acidity, on this tasty Asian twist. One of the fastest one pan recipes you every make.


Preparing Vegetables for Pickling

Thinly slice: radish, red onion, carrots and ginger

2 cups of water

1/2 cup rice vinegar

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

4 tablespoons salt

3 tablespoon white sugar

Boil on medium heat until all sugar and salt and fully dissolved. Once dissolved take of heat and let it stand for about a minute still hot but not super hot. Place all slice vegetables in a mason or clean pickle jar . Use a funnel to pour pickling liquid into jar. Set on the counter until cool and place in the refrigerator . Until ready to use. Note: give the pickling at least 24 hours until opening.

Korean Barbecue Sauce

2 teaspoon Sesame Seed Oil

1/2 cup Ketchup

1/2 cup Tomato Paste

1/3 cup Hoisin sauce

1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

1 tablespoon sriracha

Whisk all ingredients together. Until well combined.

Prepare Korean Sloppy Joes

1 lb Ground Turkey - Can use Ground beef as well

1/4 chopped white onion

1/4 chopped green bell pepper

1 clove garlic minced

Kaiser or Brioche Buns

  1. In a large skillet add in the turkey onion,bell pepper and garlic lower the heat to medium and cook well, breaking it apart but leaving some chunks about the size of a raspberry or small grape.

  2. Then add in the Korean Barbecue sauce ,a little water, stir together until the sauce starts to evaporate and the mixture becomes "sloppy" (about 5 minutes)

  3. Toast the buns slather DivineKuizine remoulade sauce on each bun, spoon one of the buns with the sloppy joe mixture and top with the pickling vegetables , place the other bun on top. Enjoy Sweet , Spicy , crunchy, touch of acidity . SLOOOPLY JOE!

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