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Easy Lemon Pepper Salmon Bites

Updated: Jan 10

Fried salmon bites are a delicious and easy-to-make appetizer that can be enjoyed by everyone. They’re also a great way to get your kids interested in eating fish, if they aren’t already.

If you’ve never tried these salmon bites of goodness, you’re in for a treat. Fried salmon bites are basically just bite-sized pieces of salmon that have been battered and fried until crispy on the outside, but still tender on the inside. We recommend fresh fillets but frozen fillet work jus fine for this recipe–just make sure it’s not too thick so it cooks through properly! After frying up your salmon bites, serve them with some of DivineKuizine remoulade sauce and lemon wedges, alongside some homemade french fries check out my garlic parmesan fries for an easy meal idea that’ll please even picky eaters.

Fried salmon bites
lemon pepper salmon bites

Salmon bites
Fried lemon pepper salmon bites

Fried Lemon pepper salmon strips
Fried Salmon Bites


For the Salmon Sticks:

1 lb (450g) salmon fillets, skinless

Seasoning for Salmon - teaspoon each garlic powder, onion powder, salt, season pepper, creole seasoning,season salt, lemon pepper seasoning.

2-3 more teaspoon lemon pepper seasoning

Egg Mixture

2 cups half and half

2 eggs, beaten

3-4 dashes hot sauce

Cooking oil, for frying I used Peanut Oil


Cut the salmon fillets into long, thin strips resembling fish sticks.

In a shallow bowl season salmon strips,

In a shallow dish, combine the Louisiana fish fry cornmeal mix, and lemon pepper seasoning, and

Dip each salmon strip into the egg mixture, ensuring it is fully coated.

Roll the egg-coated salmon strip in the seasoned flour mixture, pressing gently to adhere. Repeat with the remaining salmon strips.

Heat oil in a deep pan or skillet over medium-high heat. The oil should be about 2 inches deep.

Carefully add the coated salmon strips to the hot oil, working in batches to avoid overcrowding the pan. Fry for about 3-4 minutes or until golden brown and crispy. Flip the sticks halfway through cooking to ensure even browning.

Serve the Fried Lemon Pepper Salmon Sticks on the side of DivineKuizine remoulade sauce for dipping.


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