Jamaican Inspired Escovitch Fish

Updated: Mar 14

Escovitch is combination flavors tart, spicy, and slightly sweet sauce and vegetables topped on perfectly fried fish. Traditionally made with red snapper, firm white fish is sautéed with peppers, carrots, and onions. Despite the exotic name and list of ingredients, Escovitch is straightforward dish and has a delightful unique taste because of the combination of vegetables, little scotch bonnet for spice, sweet chili sauce for sweetness and vinegar for a little tartness. This white fish fried and then drenched with Escovitch sauce; made from vinegar, onions, bell pepper, carrots, and scotch bonnet pepper. If you are trying to eat healthy then place the fish on the grill. The sauce makes this dish. You may leave out the scotch bonnet pepper as a whole if spice isn’t your thing or if you are a heat seeker then slice and use.